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Frequently Asked Questions

Refers to space that is currently being marketed as available for lease. Will include space available as a sublease and space available in spec buildings which have been announced. Used interchangeably with vacancy.
The gross number of square feet on signed leases and user sales. It includes movement from one space to another and expansions, but does not include lease renewals.
Facilities built to meet the unique needs of the tenant. Is reported as a portion of the new construction gross square feet.
Refers to the number of transactions that account for the activity. These are new deals and do not include lease renewals.
Refers to space that is first generation and is still vacant upon completion.
The net effect of move-ins versus move-outs.
The gross number of square feet of construction begun. It includes speculative and build-to suit buildings.
Refers to space that is currently occupied or has been previously occupied.